Austin Air Guitar Championships

I love this city - and it's offbeat activities. Tuesday night my friend John and I ventured out to Alamo Drafthouse Downtown for the Austin Air Guitar Championships. This is an event that started in Finland - various towns hold championships and the finalist compete in NY - yes air guitar - yes, pretending you're playing a guitar - and quit making that face b/c it is soooooo stinkin fun!

Check out the videos for your self - you will not be disappointed. So after an hour of amazing entertainment from all kinds of random characters (including a kid that goes by Flavor Country - he looked like a mix of Buddy Holly and Sid Vicious) and judges rating on the basis of awesomeness, technical, stage presence etc., John looks at me and says "I'm totally competing in this next month!" Yes!! And this is why John is totally freaking awesome! So February 28 - get ready for John Roasaker's premiere. And I have to say I now love air guitar!

February they are running 80's power balad sing alongs! And this is why Austin is totally freaking awesome as well!


    On 8:54 AM kimmie said...

    Please please please invite me to this!!!

    ...yes, I'm begging. That sounds awesome!