Missing my old Blog

I really miss this old blog, while cruising my friend Lindsay's blog - Cotter Crunch - I saw my old blog address hanging out over on the right side of her menu. I got so sentimental I had to click on it. It's so cute and cheary here why did I ever leave? Oh yes, because I'm a web geek and I must try new things.

Well now that I'm actually writing on good ol' blogspot once again I'm remembering alot of the things I didn't like about it. And now that I have created about umpteen jillion websites in Wordpress I just can't help but compare the two.

I moved from here to combine my photography site and my blog site - but the blogging platform on my photography site stinks - so I'm thinking a divorce is in the works...I've contacted my attorney, he can have the beta fish and the BP stocks, no hard feelings.

But this was my first blog, before I knew any better. Kind of like well I won't tell you his name. And it served me well and serves many others well, and for that blogspot has got it going on....Soooo what should I do?

Hmmm subdomain perhaps? Stay tuned....

Blog Moving Day

I am oddly sentimental. Today the old avocado green oven is being taken away and a part of me says "awww".

It's also officially moving day for La Vie en Curlsz... The site I use for my photography page(Snap Pages) now has a blog tool - so one stop shopping so to speak. I am keeping this site active - who knows I may decide to return to the original recipe. But for now it's time to move on.

So please come visit me at my new home so to speak.

Ps this site will be archived on my new site as well. There is also a RSS feed on the new site for those of you that are in to that...

I remember when...

I thought perhaps I should take notes on this insane "financial crisis" for Grandparents day 2049. You know when your grand kids say "grandma, grandpa weren't you alive when...?". Because I'm imaging they are going to be quizzed on terms such as Ponzi Scheme, Subprime Lending and Stimulus Bill. They'll be learning about President Barack Obama, Bernie Madoff and Henry Paulson. And there is no way I'm remembering all this crap come age 72ish!

Although at this point who can afford children? So the family tree may have just died due to lack of funding.

I'm entitling my notes - the age of being screwed over by greedy millionaires, loosely based on events as I see them...

Which leads me to the video of the day...it's the full episode and it's so popular right now it is being a bit slow - John Stewart facing off with Jim Cramer on the irresponsibility of financial commentators. It's goooooood.

As American as....

mmmm Royers!!!

Garland: "Oh my gosh, what do we do with all this?"

And this is why I prefer to walk...

A bit you tube crazy

Looking over my blog apparently I bought stock in You Tube and am single handily trying to keep them afloat...

I'll get to some no clip related blogging soon...perhaps.
Thank you Sherry - I had to share this...

Wanda on the Bailout

What The World Eats

(Egypt: $68.53, favorite foods is okra and mutton)

I stumbled upon some pictures on facebook, various families and what they eat. It also gave the breakdown of how much money they spend on an average week on their food. I was pretty fascinated. I really liked looking at the pictures and details and analyzing how some cultures lean towards more breads or some towards more vegetables. Though the American family in the south apparently leans towards all pre-made foods, shocker.

It's also fascinating to see how much or little they spend. I believe the photographer tried to do an average, obviously some families eat more or less, and differently than others but this is an average based on that culture.

(Germany: $500.07, favorite foods fried potatoes with onions, bacon and herring, fried noodles with eggs and cheese, pizza, vanilla pudding