Get off your freakin phone!!

Oh we are lovin our cell phones - so much so that we have forgotten our BASIC manners of when is and is NOT an appropriate time to be on the phone... enter today's rant!

I hate when people are on their cell phones when they are...
  1. In the public bathroom stall - are you kidding me here - just do your business and take the call when you finish - what that's all of 5 minutes at the most that person will have to wait to hear your dazzling voice - I think they can handle it...meanwhile just pee and shut up!
  2. The gym - specifically the cardio machine directly next to me. You're not working out at this point - you mide as well go sit your fat but on the bench and have this conversation b/c all your doing is buggin me. I've got my headphones on, player blasting and I can still hear your thoroughly uninteresting conversation!
  3. While your trying to place your order or your checking out at the grocery store. Oh my gosh how rude can you get - were you raised by wolves? You have completely communicated to the serviceman behind the counter that they are completely not worth your time or attention, that their job is second to your oh so important giggly conversation!
  4. While your shopping at the store - usually at the busiest time of day! Shut up - get out of the way, we don't want to hear your convo - we just want to shop - excuse me lady on the phone I need to get to those purses, yes you - shut up and move! Maam you just hit that kid with your bag because you are completely unaware their is a world going on outside of your lame phone call - hang up!

Moral of all this - SHUT UP and get off your phone - there is a world going on out there and its not about you and your lame convo - there are people that don't want to hear your conversation and you are being rude! This conversation can wait - better yet go to a less public place and talk - go over to the ethnic foods aisle, the plant aisle, the embarrassing medicinal cream aisle - they are the least populated areas of the store. Go just GO! It's not that important... I'd bet if that person on the other end of the line was with you - you'd be on the phone with someone else. Is that it, it's not about the call it's just about being on the phone? Are we that insecure and disconnected that we can't be without our phones to our ears???

What would happen if you just left your phone in your car while you worked out or shopped? Would your world end - would your life be over - would you panic and die? Let's find out.

See what the "experts" have to say

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    On 2:47 PM kate said...

    haha...ok i totally second you on the working out with the cellphone and the checking out at a store with a cellphone rant. for the gym..i think i just give the "really? are you really on your phone while on the elliptical?" look. working at heb for way too long of my life, i was able to witness that firsthand way too often. and whats more annoying is that bc they are on the phone they cant do other pay! some people have a REAL hard time figuring out those credit card readers even without a phone in hand. so put those two together and youre in for a real treat.

    id also like to add something...turn off your dang phones when youre in church, class, or a movie. when i hear your annoying polyphonic ring im not thinking man, he/she is thinking, you moron could not not remember to turn that thing off?? nothing is more disrespectful to the people around you (in my humble opinion). got me all worked up now!!

    On 5:01 PM Nicole M said...

    I'd also add a little encouragement to co-workers to please don't answer their phones while they are in a meeting with you. This is so incredibly rude! Yes, I do mind if you get this. What you are really telling me is that I am not important and our (scheduled) meeting about work stuff doesn't matter because you are too busy planning your after work party with friends, or getting the on the way home grocery instructions from your wife. Please! You are rude and earning less and less points as a co-worker by the phone call!


    mmm, this is all good. Here is one of my favorites. When people are in a public place and they dont have the small courtesy to keep thier voices down, Since they have forced me to be a part of the conversation, I become an active participant....


    Gil cant help but overhear the 30 year old women in full Tennis Regalia talking about why she cant believe her freind wont date bob. As she goes on and on, Gil starts to get a sense for the situation and decides to help.

    Maybe Bob reminds her of an exboyfreind?

    The women is taken aback and doesnt seem to really what to do or say. Gil decides to press.

    You she's been down that road before and isn't looking for a repeat of the same.

    The woman ignores him and has to quiet her voice to tell her freind what happened, obviously missing the point.
    But no matter! Gil is less pissed now and has a funny story for later

    On 11:34 AM malita said...

    I love you people - and Gil - I'm totally following your example - and this is why you are the funniest human I know


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    i second that! worked out last night in my apt. complex's gym - had the tv up really loud to watch the real world (i know, i know very lame). exhibit A walks in with her long hair and a technological extension from her ear. hops on the elliptical and exercises her jaw. don't ask me how that works. i was tempted to turn the television up even louder, but thought i may go deaf and am not very fluent in sign language. then i thought of b-slapping her like the one time when the dude slaps the girl in real world seattle. see how applicable this show is!

    On 4:59 PM Suzi said...

    Ummm.. Guilty, as charged (*blush*)... not the working out thing or some of the other choice locations.. but I actually did order at the food court the other night while talking to a long lost friend. Bad Suzi... bad, bad, Suzi.. (I promise it was a first!!)