Sing with me now!

If you haven't experienced an Alamo Drafthouse sing along - I highly recommend - especially if you are a music lover!

Last night I and my "date" (ps it's definitely a bonus to have the Austin Air Guitar Champ - Mr. Alamo Drafthouse- as a date ---- Thanks John!!) celebrated Paul McCartney's 64th birthday with a PACKED theater of fans! They brought streamers, birthday cakes and noise makers. We even had lighters (too bad half the time they didn't work). The MC's were dressed as Paul from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band - and a Walrus - (the Wallrus is from Magical mystery Tour - song "I am the walrus", just incase you were wondering)...

They promote noise and dancing - grab a bucket o beer or pitcher, your noise makers and silly string - and you have the makings of FUN! Plus a Beatle's Sing A Long - how can you loose?

July is all about Queen - I will definitely be there! With a working lighter!! I'm telling you, you do not want to miss out!