Happy 30th Bday Vacation To Me

Turning 30 YIKES - Going to San Diego with awesome friends for your bday - AWESOME!

  • Staying downtown in a 1913 hotel - with the original elevator, used to be fastest in world - wow how the world has changed, we aged waiting on it...
  • Three girls in a cracker box room with ONE bed - and a cot - hotel sold out of rooms b/c of skateboarding convention - down with HOTWIRE by the way!
  • Enjoying wine and jazz at Croce's
  • Happy Birthday serenade by Italian waiters
  • Buying 25 avacado's for $5 and 6 Mangos for $2 - hope the people in Phoenix airport enjoy what we accidentially left behind.
  • House hunting with Ash and ending up in the barrio - no wonder this is so cheap look there is the border!
  • Cute guys everywhere, and so friendly - why are Austin guys such snobs we ask
  • Realizing how much we say ya'll when everyone points it out to us - what the heck does the rest of the world say instead?
  • Seals, so cute!
  • Locking the keys in the car after changing in the car to go to the beach
  • Ukrainian locksmith
  • Driving up the coast listening & singing along to the music
  • Food food food - we found some incredible local spots!
Good times, good times!