No More OJ

Praise God - literally praise Him - Rupert Murdoch, Creator of Fox Broadcasting and Chief Officer of News Corporation, put the big Kibosh on the OJ Simpson book deal and television special that outlined and interviewed how he WOULD of killed Nicole & Ron Goldman IF he had indeed murdered these two innocent humans in cold blood. Murdoch commented "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project"

When I first heard about this I was absolutely disgusted and disheartened with our culture and media - Fox News (Independent of Fox Broadcasting) led the outcry AGAINST this horrific book & interview! Thank you Fox News!! After being inundated with calls and emails of outraged Americans (finally we fight for something other than Playstations!) Murdoch pulled the plug... Goodbye OJ just goodbye!!

Fox News appropriately cited this was a victory for the American public, it was not government censorship - but us, people who cared enough to make there voices heard!!! Media networks WILL push the envelope as much as they can, as much as we let them....