Sometimes It's the Simple Gifts

Like most businesses and churches my business and church are doing Angel trees. I'll admit I go crazy over these things - I lived through some tight Christmas' as many people did and maybe that's what I think back to as I browse these trees.

Today though my heart broke as I read some of these cards - warm clothes, pantry items such as baby food and red beans and macaroni. The most basic items in the world! Some of these recipients are considered "elderly" at the ripe old age of 71. My sweet mother is only 65 and I do not consider her old! This really struck a chord, where are these families. Who is taking care of them.

Those in the "elderly" category simply want items such as a HEB gift card, lamp for their nightstand & a can opener!!!! I about took the entire tree home!!

I guess I write this today as an encouragement to grab an Angel when you see it - it's often a gift for less than $10. After seeing shoppers fight over $1000 Playstations and crap they don't need at all this will be a refreshing turn of events - fight over an Angel!!!