Happy Carnation Day

Thanks Robbie for the carnations you left on my porch - I myself am not a 4 for $2 carnation fan - but if I was Billie (the person the flowers were really left for) I'm sure I'd be thrilled... I know you left your phone number but you could be skitzo for all I know and most importantly it's just too much trouble for me to contact you about carnations!

Moral of the story - If you are going to leave something on someones porch - make sure it's the right someone... If you're going to give flowers - don't give carnations - unless your leaving the carnations on the wrong door - and round and round it goes.

But to those that shared your valentines cookies, candies etc... (all from your children's valentines day parties) I really thank you - mmmm! When I was a teacher we called this day sugar coma day from St. Diabetic.