Week End Review Take One

I think I should like to share a week end review - the things that I have enjoyed, hated, done etc. Every week. PS this will be an assortment of frivolity, superficiality, depth and randomness... that I can always guarantee.

This week's loves:
  • California weather - no humidity - pictures to come soon. Austin weather the last couple of days - pure treat!
  • My new shoes (pictured below) - bringing the 1930's back - do you see why I hate Croc's?
  • Ugly Betty - great week - so cute!
  • Working from home in the mornings - can it last?
  • My fanny pack I use for run/walks - dorky no - it's a sports one - very useful!! Thank you Betty Sport - my favorite sports shop.
  • Piperlime.com - new shoe site - like I need a new shoe dealer
  • French - I am rediscovering my love for this language - I have had 8 official years of it and should know it better - after being burnt out on it for a while I am realizing I miss hearing it. My listening and reading abilities surpass my speaking abilities by far. Hopefully this won't end like the cello lessons did.
  • French films - lately French Canadian - there are some amazing Quebecois films and actors. Particularly Roy Dupuis, mmmm mmm good! I feel like I discovered a huge buried treasure here with the French Canadian community.
  • New fun blog - I Am Fashion
  • Naughty Monkey - get your mind out of the gutter - it's a shoe brand - yes are you seeing the obsessed pattern. They are very comfy.
  • The fact the African Children's Choir was on Idol the other night - I have seen these precious children perform - they are too amazing!! If you have any desire to learn about them and support them I encourage you too - it's an amazing program.
Hates of the week
  • Izzy from Gray's Anatomy - ugh her character is too much for me. I do not like her. Have never really liked George.
  • Gas prices - hello $2.75 in Austin - $3.75 and up in Southern California - insane!!! I'm walking.
  • Food - I've been in one of those I don't want food moods. Nothing sounds good, I'd rather just take a pill that will expand in my stomach and provide nourishment to me - did George Orwell come up with that one or is that all me?
  • The fact that "That Beautiful Somewhere" is not opening in the U.S. - at least not now.
  • A love/hate with this one - Remainder by Tom McCarthy - it is so odd I couldn't even begin to describe it - yet parts of it I really enjoyed.
  • Laundry - it has taken over my room
  • Sunburned forehead - the peeling effects. Ick!
I'll just leave it at that for now.