Samson's Strength

What is it about hair that we form a major attachment to? Samson's strength was found in his long locks, Crystal Gail fashioned an entire identity and career after it - I like that I just jumped from Samson to Crystal Gail. Jennifer Aniston single handedly created one of the most requested hairstyles from one look. And every white southern baptist preacher is identified with one "do"....

Hair is a major identity - and long hair is a source of comfort for many. I have been pondering chopping the locks for a while now and have resisted. This is unlike me - my hair has been every length under the son. It's just hair - it will grow back. It is currently the longest it has every been - and thank you to a few fabulous hairdressers it is no longer the poofy giant mess it has been in the past! It can go from frizzy kinky curly to a soft wave in zero to sixty, well zero to 15 minutes I should say.

So the decision was made to finally do it - while working out strangely enough. So I immediately called my hairdresser to make the appointment, before I chickened out. But it's odd, I find myself fixing my hair all the while almost saying goodbye to it - ridiculous I know. I'll catch a glimpse of my hair in the mirror and think, goodbye friend..... And every day I have found myself going back and forth over it - geeze!!! Maybe I'll just follow in Britney's footsteps - grab me the shears.


    you will post a pic wont you? its always when your working out that you get that urge.