Week in Review Take 2

Week's Loves:
  1. Memoires Afffectives - aka Looking for Alexander - this film is not for everyone - I absolutely LOVED it - it truly is a brilliant film and is one of the most challenging films I have ever seen. And for cinematography junkies it is AMAZING!!! If you can get your hand on a copy and you like challenging non Hollywood films that DON'T spoon feed you the plot then grab it!
2. Blake's version of Bon Jovi's "Shot Through the Heart"- BRILLIANT!

3. Epiphany's - what a euphoric feeling when you figure something out - when the light bulb goes off and you receive insight!

4. Ebay - you can find the most rare and random of item's - great place for foreign films. You can even purchase the General Lee!!! For a mere few million!

5. Solitude - a dose 'ill do ya - it's a beautiful thing.

6. My living room - I have this great wall of window's - crank windows - with trees looming above - it's so green right now for all the rain - it makes a great view!

7. Spending time with the fam - nothing better than blowing bubbles with a two year old - listening to a 10 year old's rambling stories and bathing a baby - then being able to go home with NO children! Quote of the night - Cami showing me her freckle "wook at my wittle mowle".

Week's Not So Much...
  1. Humidity - don't mind the rain but ugh the humidity
  2. Dirty kitchen - good grief when was the last time this floor was swept - ick!
  3. In fact my whole house could use a major cleaning and I am not motivated to do it - any volunteers?
  4. Wedding Receptions - showers have been on the list for a while now - receptions just made it - no offense and not any one in specific - I'm just over them - an evening of forced fun for everyone - hours of small talk, mini foods and watching the bride and groom awkwardly make their way through the room.
I mean there is only so much of "hey how are you, good and you, yeah good, busy, yeah me too busy... well great to see you (awkward pause) yeah you too - bye - ARGH KILL ME!


    On 10:20 PM skaggsjw said...

    Agree with the Blake comment.