Noah, build the arc!

Finally a sunny day today!!! Check out these Austin rain stats.
Days since rains began: 44

Homes destroyed by flooding: 1,000

Flood-related deaths: 11

Estimated cost of damages in Burnet County alone: $30 million

Number of emergency Texas National Guard soldiers activated by Governor Perry throughout the state: 250

Total impacted area, spanning North Texas to the Rio Grande Valley, in square miles: 48,000

Height, in feet above sea level, of Lake Travis when considered "full": 681

Height of Lake Travis on July 4th: 701

All-time record height, from Christmas of 1991: 710.44

Floodgates currently open at Mansfield Dam: 4

Discharge capacity of each floodgate, in gallons per second: 35,682

Total inflow of floodwaters through Highland Lakes and Lake Travis, in gallons: 228 billion

Taken from The Austinist