Kodak Eyes

I have often wished my eyes were cameras. Sometimes, there just aren't words to convey the ridiculousness I see on a daily basis.

Take the last couple of days...

1. Standing in front of Stubb's last night for a CD release party - woman walking towards us looks as though she has a lei on - but as she gets closer we notice it's not a lei, it's a snake - a real live actual freakin snake around her neck... walkin down the public streets with a snake around the neck - and ladies you thought keeping up with your purse was a pain.

2. In a very rough South East neighborhood today delivering some papers for someone else's client (apologies for the side note but it was a bit of a disturbance in my day) and on my way back to my car I am faced with the overwhelming odor of pot - out of no where comes an eleven year old smoking a joint, just out in the open like it was no big deal....

3. So heading back home after that errand - I am now in Tarrytown, affluent neighborhood, worlds apart from South East Austin - and walking down Exposition (a main road, not a side road mind you) are two women in full work out gear enjoying there walk while each holding a glass of wine???? Now mind you when I am walking in workout gear I'm not thinking "man I wish I had a glass of Merlot right now..."!

Now don't you wish I had pictures of all of this!!!


    Oh my gosh, the wine carrying walkers are such a great example of what you can find in Tarrytown! I love it!!