NY Top Moments

Top Moments in the City I love!

1. Spotting Erik McCormack (Will & Grace) in Times Square then following him to Sephora to snap this pic with my phone - he never knew....

2. Running into Paul Giamatti while he was filming The Owl in Daylight - we're strolling down Madison Ave I believe and I see a camera crew then further down the street this guy is just standing there and I'm thinking, I know him - I realize who it is about the same time I hear "action Paul, Paul action"

3. Winning tickets to the Letterman show - Monday night show he shaved - that was pretty hysterical, guests were Mike Huckabee and Tom Hanks.

4. The apartment we stayed in had amazing views and was in the Theater District in the center of it all!!! (pictured to left is the actual view - great job Casey)

5. Mamma Mia, Alter Boyz, Spamalot - all great!!! Alter Boyz definitely great for those that grew up listening to bands like DC Talk and going to summer camp (band members were Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham - "the Jewish One")

Side note: we decided we are magnets for drunken idiots or crazy people in the theater. Whatever show we went to they found us. Row behind us - singing and seat dancing along with the music, two rows in front of us at second show - loudly commenting on everything and repeating all the lines to each other. Row in front of us at the third show, repeating all the lines and full body heaving as they laughed. If you are any of the above types of people - DON'T do it - it's beyond annoying, everyone around these people hated them!!!

6. The Guggenheim - such an amazing museum - architect of the building and collections itself.

7. Restaurants and Shopping - Sarabeth's, John's Pizzeria (building used to be a Gospel Tabernacel Church in the late 1800's), H&M, Bloomingdales, Zara - so fun! (Two thumbs down on Serendipity - more hype than anything else I have to say - we were crammed in, it was so hot we ended up leaving and not even ordering)

8. Tribeca - loved this area of Manhattan- and it's near Chinatown - purse shopping in Chinatown was a bit of a low but made for a great story!! (let's just say following the Asian woman into her secret room with a steel door that is padlocked was an experience)

And the endless amount of laughter and stories, great stuff!!


    On 5:49 PM CASEY said...

    You and I are in a fight. I sat down to post my pictures and stories and look what I found!

    But I will say that you did a great job of capturing the highlights of a wonderful trip!

    On 6:13 PM Jules said...

    good times!

    On 11:32 PM Stephrs said...

    Oooh, sounds so fun. Thank you for sharing your trip. It looks like y'all had a great time!