Just Can't Get Enough...

of Sia!

This is classic don't judge a book by it's cover - I am not sure why she is into children's colorings and making herself look like she is an adult trapped in a child's head - but her music is AMAZING. And it doesn't fit at all with this random image she is literally "painting". So check her out - I have literally listened to her album over and over.


    On 8:34 PM Anonymous said...

    hmmmm...i just checked out the song breathe me. is that a theme song for a tv show?


    On 7:28 PM smellen said...

    i love her.

    she is a bit odd it seems, but her music is quality.

    p.s. this is ellen, and i told casey when i live here next year she has to share me, so hopefully i'll get to see more of you!