April Fools

Basically I depend on a few institutions to regularly feed me- Central Market, ZuZu's and The Soup Peddler.

The Soup Peddler is awesome - you go online place your order, pay, leave a cooler on your porch and viola food delivered to you - various soups, casseroles, quiche, dessert and various other dishes.

So imagine my surprise when I get this disgusting menu today! (I'll give the highlights) PS they totally had me going for a bit - and luckily if you try to order a jester pops up with the April Fools message - b/c if you want any of this you would be a fool!

Buttered Toast - A bit of do-it-yourself culinary from the Soup Peddler brain trust. We think that Soupies should take an active role in cooking their dinners... we deliver fresh, already sliced white bread and pats of good old-fashioned pre-portioned butter and all you have to do is toast it and butter it up, et voila. Breakfast is served! Fat-free, gluten-free

Ambergris Bisque (Feeds 2-4)... $1,200
A Soup Peddler first... our entry into the Guinness Book for most expensive bowl of soup, eclipsing the record by over $200. One of the rarest, most incredible ingredients known to man is ambergris, or whale snot. Primarily used as a scent for cosmetics and perfumes, we use it to flavor this delicate and delicious bisque...

Primordial Soup (Feeds 2-4)... $11
Fresh from the bacterial pools of prebiotic Earth, we whip together the essential ingredients in the recipe for life... a carefully heated mixture of pantoyl lactone, beta-alanine, and the surprisingly delicious cysteamine yields us... anyone? anyone? Right! It yields pantetheine. Nothing like a little abiotic synthesis of biomolecules to round out your weeknight dinner... Enjoy!

Cat-Chatore (Feeds 2-4)... $13
Ever wonder how certain foods get their names? Sometimes the derivation comes from the most obvious source... you simply cannot imagine what sorts of deals you can get on protein down at the pound these days! We pass the savings on to you...

Pig Heads (Feeds 2-4)... $11
Everyone has leftovers, even butcher shops... however we believe in the waste not/want not ethic that is so integral to the soupmaking spirit. Admittedly, we're serving this New Year's tradition at the wrong time of year but what rational person can limit themselves to pigs heads just once a year?

Rhesus Feces (Feeds 2-4)... $11
And for dessert, an excellent culinary treatment of the original inspiration for the classic Reese's product... do not miss this! Surprisingly delicious...