Cell Phones & Grocery Stores Don't Mix

What are you thinking - are you in the middle of selling a Fortune 500 company here and unless you complete this call in the middle of a busy public place the deal's going to fall apart???? No your chatting it up with Kim about what's going on with Amy - and you sir just have to get this phone call in with Rick right now, even though this apparently means that you can no longer move forward b/c we all know you can't chew gum and walk much less grocery shop and talk on a phone at the same time.

And now you're blocking the aisle and you maam are holding up the entire line as your children try to escape the cart but you can't figure out how to make the debit card machine work in your favor while staying on the phone with Kim. Lord no, let's not put Kim on hold while the rest of us live through this torture, because that would be unthinkable.

Like I said, cell phones and grocery stores don't mix. And yes I just got back from the grocery store ;->