Mall Culture

As I have stated before, I hate malls, particularly depressing are the mall rats. Droves of people that wander up and down the mall, just wandering. Not really shopping, not really doing anything - just wandering.

Every mall has it's culture - weather it's the teenage clique, the soccer mom and kids, or the ladies lunch and shopping club.

Saturday Casey and I decided to do a little shopping after lunch - specifically a brave venture to a shop called Forever 21. Brave for two reasons. One it is located at Highland aka "Ghetto" Mall, and two it is known for it's trendy yet very cheap clothing at the expense of quality.

Basically Casey and I stood out like sore thumbs. It was obvious we did not fit in. Apparently we were missing the following criteria.

1. Four inch high hills
2. Shorts or skirts where our buts were hanging out.
3. Bra's as tops or tops that could have been bra's, either way.
4. 5 lbs of makeup
5. VERY large jewelry
6. A cell phone attached to our ear at all times
7. Our bellys showing - rolls or no rolls it apparently didn't matter
8. Most importantly, there were only two of us. We really needed about 6 more girls with us to make our pack.

Conversation overheard inside the dressing room.

Girl A "I look like a Mexican"
Girl B "You are a Mexican"
Girl A "I mean I look like a senorita"
Girl B "You are a senorita"

I'm sure there was much more interesting conversations after that.