Squirrelly Behavior

Maybe someone can help me here - Is it squirrel Mating season or what is going on? These rodents are driving me nuts - as I type this it literally sounds like dogs are running on my roof - and I can actually see them leap to the trees then chase each other around the trees all the while their making this weird barking noise.

I was sitting in the front yard reading the other day and one BARKED at me, he won, I took my business indoors! I didn't know what that thing was going to do, and let me tell you from personal experience you DO NOT want a squirrel to attack you - one stuck in your hair is no laughing matter (that's a story for a different day)

So at this point they are mobbed (about 8 or 9 of them)in my front yard, they have me trapped in the house, I went outside to my car and their was like 5 or 6 under my car all trying to get at each other, two ran towards me - I just went outside again to read and their all up by my porch - they froze and looked at me as if to "uh uh it's our yard today, it's mating time". I gave up - I can read indoors!


    Hey Malita I'm still keepin' up with you on your blog! Hope you are still enjoying Austin - minus the squirrels!