Fun Finds - Locally Speaking

I am a huge proponent of frequenting local spots - even when I lived in Midland and Bryan/College Station I'd far more prefer to visit a local restaurant, boutique etc than going to the nearest chain establishment.

Local places have so much more character and flavor, you tend to make better connections and have friendlier experiences than the chain places that rotate a new high school employee every week. Plus the local flavor is usually about the owner and their tastes and experiences rather than literally a cut out model that is being peddled all over the nation.

Anyway - it can be hit or miss - but this month I have had hit after hit of new finds - well new to me - so if you live in Austin or you are here visiting here are some great spots for you.

1. The Blue Dahlia - east Austin eatery (East 11th St)- everything is fresh and served on a cutting board over a bed of field greens with veges and fruits - it's spectacular!!! I highly recommend the chicken salad sandwich, the brie with preserves and walnuts and the hummus with avacado and tomato. Also the mint lemonade and bread pudding is mmm mmmlicious!

3. The CB Cafe - corner of 38th and West - close to Lamar - right by the Heart Hospital. CB stands for Compassionate Beans - it's all fair trade but the owner also makes great panini's and bagel sandwiches. Breakfast and lunch only - but he also has great smoothies. He's a runner and soccer player so his foods are pretty healthy but oh so yummy - my favorite is the turkey goat cheese and olive panini.

4. Sweetish Hill Bakery - 5th St this has been a favorite for a long time - but right now they have hill country peach tarts - oh so good.

5. Blue Lotus Skin Care - Bull Creek, I admit this is a 4 minute walk from my house and that's why I went but it was a great experience and was worth the bucks for a great facial - plus they live in my neighborhood - how much more local support can I give than going to a neighbors business. Oh and she does waxing at a very reasonable rate.

6. Bombshell Beauty -East 53rd St, speaking of waxing - Kerra is a riot and does a great job for quite a bit less than most - sorry guys most women do it, if it weirds you out just pretend I'm talking about eyebrows here. (she doesn't have a website and it used to be called The Strip Wax Studio - but this website will give you some reviews on Miss Kerra, everyone loves her! Email or leave a comment and I'll send you her #)

7. Teo's Gelato - since I gave one neighbor the shout out I should give the other right - if you like gelato visit here!

8. Sunset Valley Farmer's Market - produce to bread, jewelry to sweets, baby clothes to Agave Syrup (I'm addicted to agave syrup by the way, it's amazing!!!) This market is pretty big and so fun, and unlike most markets it stays active till about 1pm. Check out their vendors.


    I'd love a post on your midland finds. teehee