Belated Birthday Stories Part One

Wow what a self absorbed aunt am I - notice I did not say horrible aunt cause really I rock! So Here is a couple of pic's from Ty's second birthday (back in June) - since I have neither pet nor baby (which can often be mistaken for the same thing) to show you 30 pics all of relatively the same thing, over and over.

Just a note on kids birthdays: really you should take acid before going or at least smoke a phat one. Because if your single you are screaming in your head "I will never have one of these small beings if this is what I have to sign up for", and if your married your thinking "when we have children we are not letting them have more than 3 friends for fear this will happen"and if your a parent your thinking "where's the cake already, this is the 8th one of these this month".

I honestly have no idea how many children were there - it seemed like 50 - one was a party all unto himself. He insisted on being the center of it all - you know there is always that kid at the party, I fondly call them Satan's spawn - and Satan's spawn has parents that are utterly oblivious and think isn't our spawn the cutest spawn ever, see how he's in everyone's face yelling and throwing presents into the lap of the birthday boy 2 at a time - awwww... but other than spawn it was a rockin good time and how cute is this little cake eater!!


    I love your new blog!