Pure Genius

Have you checked out ITune's new feature - The Genius Bar.

I first saw it on the new Nano, cause we need new I Pods every 3.2 months. But really this feature is worth saying "yay" over. You pick a song and hit the genius button - then it creates a playlist based on that song. So I tried it out and it was dead on. Every song "they" picked from my library fit very well with the chosen song - result, unlimited playlists that I love.

Oh and over on the right is a list of songs you can buy that are either by this artist that is playing or recomendations. (Must Download Version 8 for all this splendor)

What's next Apple, you going to pick out my perfect man and strategically engineer the rest of my life, because at this rate I could be ok with that, you seem to know what you're doing.

So can I have my endorsement check now Apple?