Shaking my cane in the air, go away!

Would I be that crabby old shut in if I posted a no solicitations sign on my door?

I may be ok with that - cause at this point I can not keep my door open without being bothered by the "hi I'm trying to better my life and my baby's daddy's life by selling magazines" (scam) "do you know Jesus, for a small donation you will receive these lovely books for free" (scam) and today's great visitor. The DNC (democratic national committe), by the way I would probably say I'm not a hard core Democrat or Republican, but my gosh!!!! These people are so annoying, and they need a bath!

So today's schpill - need more money blah blah money blah blah money, money, Republicans have more money than we do whine, Whine, WHINE, WHINE!!! Obama needs more exposure....uh wait a minute what, cause last I checked the media loves them some Obama, they can't get enough of him - Obama, Obama, Obama.... oh but we still need more money, money, money, did I mention we need money?

Get off my porch you crazy kids!!! Ahhhh!