Sucky Birthday Coupons

Usually I love birthday coupons, who wouldn't!!! Because it usually means free stuff from the stores and restaurants you love, right? Well apparently the recession is hitting everyone hard because this is how the coupons have been rolling in.

  • Aubuelo's - $5 off your meal - last year it was a free meal
  • Origins - $10 off a purchase of $25 or more - no problem I will eventually use that.
  • Black White - $10 off your purchase - I had no need to go buy anything and basically did because I had a coupon - sucker!
  • DSW - $10 off purchase of $30 or more - but at least they let you combine coupons there!
  • Border's Books - 25% off, followed by a looonngg list of what I can't use it on!
  • This is the best one - From the A&M "Century Club" (Alum) they will actually sponsor HALF of my contribution to the club - oh really A&M, you'll sponsor half a contribution to YOUR club (since apparently being a graduate alone doesn't get me the key) - oh but wait Malita, before you get pissy, we'll send you some magazines and a car sticker for that - even though we know you'll never read the magazines and you hate car stickers!
Basically, if I give my friends money for my birthday, they'll give me a discount! Remember those kids on the playground that wouldn't be your friend till you gave them something - yeah, something like that....