Alas the perfect lariat

Ok so sometimes I will compose the perfect item such as outfit, purse etc in my head then beat my skull against every boutique wall looking for it. So I've been wanting a long chained simple lariat for soooo long - and every one I see is so bulky. Well one of my favorite designers on Etsy had some great lariats, however none of them were the perfect image I had in my head.

So I gave up and finally contacted her describing best I could what I wanted and asking her if she had anything similar - turns out what I described was basically what she was currently working on. Bada bing bada boom I got the perfect necklace!!! So I told her I loved it, she uploaded it, three people marked it as their favorites I beat them all away with a stick and bought it!!! Yay, thank you luxedeluxe for putting up with this lunatic!

And no she will not copy one for you - because I forbid her too!!! No copies no copies no copies (face red fists clinched). But feel free to browse the many other lovely selctions and find one to your liking ;-)


    On 7:34 PM Crystal said...

    dang it woman! I COMPLETELY appreciate the time and drive it takes to get exactly what you've created in your head! And if anyone else has it . . . what's the stinking point?!?! Way to go for getting the perfect thing . . . all for you!