All hail Bumble & Bumble

Ok time for a product shout out!!

For you fellow curly heads who want to keep the curl - this stuff is awesome (read in sing song voice)

Curl Conscience Line - I especially love the Calming Creme

So I got Shawna hooked on it - she bought the Straightening cream and didn't even use her flat iron but it looked as if she had - I was amazed!

I stumbled on this line from dooce's site - she was raving about the Grooming Creme but when inquiring about it at Blue Elephant they took one look at the quaff and steered me towards the curl line.

So now I'm looking for a hair care sponsor so I can fulfill this wish list of mine!!! (You can purchase the sample sizes or travel sizes which is what I have done) Sigh - so fun, hard being a woman.


    On 10:36 AM kimmie said...

    Amar is a B&B fan as well...