Bizarro World

Remember that episode of Seinfeld, Bizzarro world, where everything was flipped - that's what this blog entry reminded me of. And he articulates this so well in my opinion.

This is not to spout my political views because honestly I don't love nor hate either candidates, but I am FED UP with how this election has been run and the sheer STUPIDITY of the voters out there and the crap we are being fed and many believe! But mostly this whole thing has worn me down to the point I barely care anymore, and maybe that was "their" plan all along.

From a new blog I found via my beloved Dooce's Blog


You know, pardon my pseudo-educated, left-of-center, west coast arrogance, but I've been wondering what would happen if the people at Obama rallies, no matter how foolish their views on economic or political policy, sounded as utterly absurd as the ignoramuses who so frequently attend the McCain rallies.

Let's just imagine...

McCain hates Asian people!
I don't trust McCain. He might be a Communist. We don't know what he did in Viet Nam for five years.
McCain wants to put guns in schools!
McCain wants to drill in your backyard!
McCain is the most conservative person in the Senate!
McCain might be a Buddhist...we just don't know!
McCain wants to give all the power to the white people!

I have heard variations of all of this applied to Obama, a Harvard and Columbia graduate and a successful US Senator. A man respected throughout his community, throughout the Senate, and amongst International leaders.

Imagine how you would sound if you applied the same statements to McCain, another successful senator and a war hero? See.


Let's go a step further.

Imagine Obama graduated near the bottom of his class. Imagine he left his first wife after a car accident for a former drug addict. Imagine Obama had a teenage pregnant daughter. What if Obama had been under congressional investigation for ethics violations during one of America's largest banking debacles? McCain (or Palin in the case of the pregnancy) can't deny any of these "facts" about his life. If Obama had the same experiences, what are the odds he'd have even made it to the Senate?

As it stands, instead of focusing on our differences in platform and policy, we demonize based on innuendo and fear.

Simple people, simple minds. But then again, I find it important to remind myself how far we have in fact come as a species.

When I was born, America was essentially an apartheid nation.
60 (or so) years ago, the world was slaughtering itself by the millions in a global conflict.
100 years ago, women couldn't vote.
150 years ago, we still owned slaves
200 years ago we were burning people at the stake.

The average human lives 50-80 years (depending on when and where they are born). Put in context, sometimes I'm surprised we have evolved even this far as a species.

It doesn't seem like it sometimes, but I do believe it's getting better.