Let the eye rolling commence

White people are crazy! I'm so glad these people are voting - they seem so well informed and are truly basing their policies and opinions on sound fact and knowledge. And they are so articulate, makes me wanna stand proud...

Watch part two if you dare - though it's a bit painful - I will say one woman had a Obama doll and her kid said you would "need gloves to touch him". God bless we are rearing the next generation to follow in our footsteps.

Honestly I only point this out because this is the CRAP I hear flying all over the place - I recently heard someone say they didn't like Michelle Obama because she could be a wild banshee. Well some say Cindy McCain is cold. Obama knows someone that was a domestic terrorist - well don't all government officials meet and serve with foreign and domestic coo coos? Oh but McCain is old and could have skin cancer.

REALLY THESE ARE THE ISSUES WE ARE FOCUSED ON!??????? God save us from ourselves!


    I think that is HILARIOUS....and extremely frightening too. I love your couch theme....saw your flower a few weeks ago...and saw the couch but didn't take the time to put it on my site....You beat me to the coolness!

    Rock on blogmamma