My vow to cut back spending

Ten ways I will cut back my frivolous spending during the "economic crunch".

  1. Do my own pedicures - or wear closed toe shoes more often
  2. Mow my own lawn - or con my neighbor into doing it for me
  3. Make my own pizza - then call Mangia's when I have ruined said pizza
  4. Use all hair, makeup and lotions till they are gone before buying a new one - unless I have an Ulta coupon and I have to use up the coupon!
  5. Start swiping free hair and cosmetic samples from Origins and Blue Elephant more often
  6. Share the Vanity Fair subscription with Sherry, and by share I mean take hers when she is finished.
  7. Switch to bikini Nair - nough said no details needed
  8. Use those blue Bed bath n beyond coupons on each item I want to buy, this is going to cause a scene I can tell, but truly worth it!
  9. Change my health insurance - basically I just need that plan where if a building falls on me and some how I survive, the hospital bills are paid.
  10. Save on gas by becoming a hermit.
We'll see how this goes.


    my wife did much of the same 2 years ago, i've become quite the aesthetician since then. I'm pretty good with the tweezerman if i do say so myself

    On 7:39 PM crystal said...

    yeah . . . the hermit thing. That's what's going on here. You'll be amazed how much there really is to do in just one spot! :)