The Oil Business is Booooooming!

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I had to go to Midland this weekend, my mother had an emergency heart procedure - all is fine, better than fine. She is doing amazingly well, she can walk and get around better than she has in 10 years - well her ticker is working better than it has in 10 years, so that helps.

Midlander's are the friendliest people in the world.... But being back in has been a reverse culture shock of sorts - rich hillbilly USA! I don't care if I never see camo again! The land of money, Wranglers and obesity!! The restaurant business is booming - but there really isn't much to do as far as recreation - but no worries - their trucks are bigger and better than ever, and why not they can certainly afford the gas prices.

Oh and there is practically NO unemployment here - it's crazy - they have more jobs than workers - which actually DECREASES the quality of workers - interesting soci economic issue! But so many have gone back to the oil field that they are actually lacking people for the work force - and new dining, shops and businesses continue to pop up - except poor Mervyn's, another one thankfully bites the dust...

Ran into the Bush's motorcade today - we thought it was a funeral, a funeral with State Troopers and shot guns (motorcade Texas style, don't mess with Texans we'll grab the shot guns!) - maybe we'll run into them later at Rosa's Cafe, we can split the queso...


    Glad to hear your mom is doing well! When do you head back to A-town?


    this takes me back...ahhhh rosas.

    On 6:04 PM Kris said...

    Hey woman! I'm glad that your mom is doing well! Marleah told me you were here! I hate that I didn't get to see you since I was actually here in town! Maybe next time! Again, I'm glad your mom is doing well!