There's always a better mouse trap around the corner

Yes welcome to the new blog lounge - looks kinda like a 60's night club huh?

So, I recently switched my blog RSS feed (don't I sound so techy!) from Bloglines to Google Reader. Whoa!! Man it's like going form a Saturn to a BMW, from a condo to a Mansion, from meatloaf to prime rib, from well you get the point.

I heart you Google. You keep track of all of my email accounts so efficiently. You provide me with a beautifule home page (love iGoogle). You provide weather, art of the day and anything else my heart desires. You're just great! Thanks for thinking of MY needs before I even know them.

Post Script Disclaimer: This is probably one of those post you really don't care about, I know (but you know gadgets are my weaknesses) - Kinda like when people post about.. oh never mind I'll get in trouble for that one.