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Well my fabulous Japanese template went nutso - guess it got poplar photobucket decided to shut it down...sad, but I found this new creepy spooky layout and it's perfect for fall. Yes my darkside is showing, I love spooky - I want a winter vacation home in a haunted house on the English Moors...

Also the day I had to fly out of Austin I get an email saying malitajones.com is DEAD!!! Apparently if you don't auto renew they stick it to you - no reminder's nada, just pull the plug. And I have to wait 90 days to get my name back. So now I'm working on getting my photography site up and runnig there - and contemplating letting them host my blog - one stop shopping source ya know.

But hear me now friends, if anyone takes my name I will hunt you down like Sara Palin hunting Moose - and you don't want the business end of that!