State by State Results

I found this website because I was curious what Alaska did this year - givin that, after all, their bulldog lipstick hockey mom Governor cause quite the stir this year.

Well Alaska is historically a strong Republican state - with a wide margin between Democrat and Republican - but this year though the margin was still strong I thought it was interesting that it wasn't as wide as it was in the previous two elections - I know I'm a nerd.

But if you like seeing what each state did this is actually a pretty fun site.

Ps I was watching a Presidential historian today - did you know that when Jackson and Adams ran against each other the Adams camp put out rumors that Jackson was an "howling atheist" and that rape, incest and murder would be taught in our schools - a Connecticut paper reported on it helping spread the rumors even further. And we thought our current elections were nasty - I guess being called a terroirst and socialist is nothing compared to that! History does repeat over and over...


    On 10:03 AM kimmie said...

    Well, Elizabeth Dole did put out an ad calling her opponent "godless" when in fact, her opponent was a leader and Sunday school teacher in her church.

    The mud slinging will always be a factor in political elections. You can't get to the top without pushing other people down, it seems...

    Oh, and Dole lost.