Ode to my mother

My mother informed me we had not one single picture together since time was formed - so operation mother daughter picture was in effect!

Why I look Latino I have no idea - maybe it was the camera, yeah that's it. We barely look related here - but if you were ever around us for 10 seconds you'd see the personality resemblances immediately. The woman has a quick whit and smart ass mouth to boot! We fight like old ladies but it's 98% in jest - except when she acts like I'm 4 years old and insists on telling me how to do everything!!

The other day she started questioning how I make my coffee - "are you putting hot water in that pot, do you clean out your filter...." No mom, I have only been living on my own since I was 18 and taking care of myself since I was 10 but I have no idea what I'm doing - thank you so much for coming down to Austin once a year to check up on me and see if I'm able to put my shoes on the correct feet!

The running joke when she is getting on my nerves is "keep on old lady - we'll be shopping for nursing homes by dinner". Whenever we are driving around sometimes I'll take the time to drive her by a shack or a nursing home and stop in front and ask her what she thinks of this place - I tell her I put in an application last week. This joke really got some mileage this weekend as we were delivering Christmas Bureau gifts in East Austin this week. The trashier the house the better - but it never works - it's bred into a mother to boss and nag her daughter till her daughter wants to strangle her self or her mother.

So Christmas was fun, fabulous and exhausting - but lots of funny memories. From discussions and jokes on sex to meeting the boyfriend, to her lecturing me on how I really should get some window coverings to help keep the house warmer, it was all fun.

My bed's too high, my couch is too low, my porch steps too steep and my house is too cold - but even if I fixed all that, she's still a mom and will find something else to gripe about later. Quote of the trip regarding the couch - "damn, why don't you just put some pillows on the floor and call that a couch" LOL!!!


    sounds like a seinfeld episode


    Hilarious...and we know that your mother had some help in raising YOUR smart ass self! Cute pic of you and your mom....blog on sista!

    On 9:00 PM JaLisa said...

    Oh what a precious photo!