For this treatment I'll pass tests more often

I hate tests - the studying, the cramming all of it. Test anxiety doesn't even begin to describe it. I had to take another state licensing exam - this time for general life and health insurance (new side job), and it about did me in!! Prepping for it didn't drag out as much as the ol' real estate license did but still - state licensing exams are a pain in the arse no matter how much you prep for it.

By Sunday night I had had it - and was ready to throw the towel in. A lovely sharp pain behind my left eye told me I was literally giving myself a stress headache.

But like any other trial once the pain is over it's just a bad memory. I passed, thank God!!! And for my treat Garland showed up on my door last night with balloons, a potted Hyacinthia and all the fixins for mahi mahi & salmon with mango sauce!!!

Very sweet indeed - but minus the balloons each item had a meaning. Potted plant instead of flowers because cut flowers are basically dead flowers and will be in the trash in a matter of days. Plus he knows how much I love plants - and he figured we'd watch my success grow as we watched these beautiful flowers grow. On the other hand - I really hope my success doesn't wither and die if these plants don't make it! The dinner was because I love mahi mahi and salmon and I LOVE mango!!!

PS he's not so much smiling but laughing because I feel the odd need to photo log every event. I haven't told him my idea of Kodak eyes yet, wait till that technology come into play!!!


    On 6:54 PM Kris said...

    Seriously he is a keeper! I love Mahi-mahi and salmon and I am sure Mango sauce is just icing on the cake! Congratulations!