Happy Inaugural Day

Whether you are an Obama supporter or not - we all should take a moment to reflect in the fact that we are living out history. As a history major this really amazes me. Not that it's an inauguration - those come every 4 years. But 45 years after Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech we are inducting our first black/blackish President. Side note King hoped we would have a black President in 40 years from his speech, he optimistically hoped based on what was happening in 1964 that it could even be 25 years.

Think about it - one race, one sex of individual has held this office since George Washington. Other nationalities and women have successfully been elected and placed in various challenging positions in our government and industries, but not the Presidency till now

Seven of the Little Rock Nine - the 9 children that integrated the Little Rock School system, were able to attend this event. The surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen were also in attendance of our inauguration.

And it has spread globally. Did you know there is a large sect of black Iraqi's that are amongst the poorest of their nation. They hold no governmental office of any kind and are heavily discriminated against. And you thought discrimination was regulated to the United States? Because of our election and inauguration they have banded together to change their outcome, to begin to fight the poverty and discrimination handed down to them from the generations before them. Ancestrally slaves from Africa, transported to Iraq, they have now formed a group to seek public office to change their destiny.

See it's not just about us - this is a global manifestation and I truly hope we understand what we are seeing today is a reflection of change - whether he is a good President or not - he is still the first. And being the first carries a lot of weight.


    Great post! I definitely appreciate this day more now.


    nicely written. thanks for your input!


    and can you beleive that some teachers at my school didnt let their students watch it! "sorry class, this lesson on parabolas cant wait!" not even teachers are aware of this monumental occasion. agh!!!!



    actually i was listening to a tupac song called changes and there is a line in it that says, "and we still have yet to see a black president..." and i was wishing he was alive to see obama.

    yes, i listen to tupac and i think he's still alive...