Bailout means helping pay for banking luxury?

You know what - let's not mince words. I'm pissed!!! I'm pissed at these ridiculous corporate banks and business crying that they need more money and frankly running their companies into the crapper and appealing to the government and American public for a bailout ONLY to then turn around and spend like it's 1985 all over again!

First of all they don't tell us what they use OUR money for - then they continue to keep interest rates at an all time high and now we find out that they are not only continuing to give huge bonuses to select people but they are spending money on things like corporate jets, Vegas luxury retreats and thank you CEO of Merrill Lynch for spending OVER a million dollars redecorating your office!!! I mean don't we all need a $1400 trash can?

This is beyond ridiculous, beyond eye rolling - this is insanity!!! This is like having your parents pay off your debt and then turning around and buying a sports car with who knows what money?! And come to think - there were actually some congressmen that predicted this behavior. I think these idiots should work for free for the next 5 years - and by free I mean NO salary, no bonuses, nada. And any luxury items they want comes out of their pocket. Sound drastic - let's be honest - they have assets you and I can not comprehend - they will be fine!

I worked for a small business through college - and when times were tough my boss didn't take a pay check home in order to keep the business going and pay his employees. That's how it works!