Missing my old Blog

I really miss this old blog, while cruising my friend Lindsay's blog - Cotter Crunch - I saw my old blog address hanging out over on the right side of her menu. I got so sentimental I had to click on it. It's so cute and cheary here why did I ever leave? Oh yes, because I'm a web geek and I must try new things.

Well now that I'm actually writing on good ol' blogspot once again I'm remembering alot of the things I didn't like about it. And now that I have created about umpteen jillion websites in Wordpress I just can't help but compare the two.

I moved from here to combine my photography site and my blog site - but the blogging platform on my photography site stinks - so I'm thinking a divorce is in the works...I've contacted my attorney, he can have the beta fish and the BP stocks, no hard feelings.

But this was my first blog, before I knew any better. Kind of like well I won't tell you his name. And it served me well and serves many others well, and for that blogspot has got it going on....Soooo what should I do?

Hmmm subdomain perhaps? Stay tuned....