The It-Sucks-To-Be-Me Generation

Twentysomethings who can't stop whining about how the economy is screwing them. By Daniel Gross --->

I stumbled upon this article this morning as I was perusing my inbox. Are you part of the "it sucks to be me generation" - this article is a great jab at our generation's whininess at how we can't seem to get ahead in the world.

Mind you, how many of us are without cars, without laptops, without MP3 players, without jobs, without dinner plans at one of our favorite (and in my case - very cool downtown Austin) restaurants, without DVD players, and DVR, the list goes on.

Most of our salaries aren't anything to brag about - heck I'm an independent contractor and photographer - contract labor baby - that sometimes means dough one month scraps the next - and somehow I'm still able to pay rent, afford trinkets and play hard with friends.... Granted no kids, no day care, no diapers, no no no.... But as this article points out, "It's tough to have a bourgeois life at 26." True dat, true dat!

But as I reflect on my last few weeks of the new year and what is coming up - I have to say - who can complain??? Dinners and drinks out with friends, love my new laptop, and of course the porsche of my life - my camera! This weekend a personal chef is cooking me dinner (my old roommate's Christmas present to me!!) I just booked a hotel for a wedding that will be at a Vineyard. I was able to work from home this morning - and guess what - come one o'clock I'm outta here and headed to the gym! The reality of being an American - live long play hard!

Ok so I don't have any savings, I do finally have insurance! And as I get older it is more important to me to be more financially secure - so some play time will have to suffer in order to achieve that right? - well I'll let ya know!