Welcome aboard

Well my new roommates are settled in - roommates plural being Noell (the human) and Alli (the canine) - isn't she precious - I mean who couldn't love a face like that?!

And she's a powerhouse - solid, ferocious looking and huge.... but she's all talk - she's just a big marshmallow - not that she couldn't kick *&#@ if need be! Oh, Ali's a boxer - and it's a fitting name for that breed - b/c as sweet as she is, if you're going to rough house with her bring your "A" game - she'll knock you over easy, just ask Kim!! Not me though - I'm a powerhouse too ;->
I do miss Lindsay though - she has a new child as well - Sadie - pics of her on the next post~ Like with humans, I find it far more fun to be an aunt than a mother - and far less responsibility.


    On 5:13 PM Noell said...

    Awww, cute pic of Allie! SO glad you like her - it's much easier knowing that I'm not being a burden to the roomies!