Two new loves!

Love #1: Well the rugby game was a life changing event! Maybe that's a little exaggerative but you get my point. I love Rugby - absolutely love it. Don't understand it but often we love what we don't understand (take the male species for example).

From what I could gather, the players form huddles called "scrums" - in which they circle around the ball and at some point the ball is knocked out of the scrum and someone takes possession - vague yes and wait there's more. Then if the ball is knocked out of bounds they throw it back in like in soccer, but this time they hold two of their players up in the air to catch the ball, all the while holding on to the bottom of their shorts. Quite entertaining indeed. Tackling does not stop the play - in fact it furthers the play - and is very encouraged.

It's quite an education - the short shorts, the language (every variation of f#&% you can think of and then some), the beer drinking by everyone including players and coaches, the hacking, huddling, short holding, face plants, fights that involve everyone even fans - did I mention the shorts?! At one point I saw someone stepping on someone else's face - by accident I am sure! ;->

Love #2: Sports photography! I love it, I love the challenge of taking the perfect shot - all the while trying to capture the beauty and artistic flare of the sport.

So I'm hooked - if you want to find me on the weekend come out to Burr field - I'm the girl with the camera. Girls you in??

Rugby links: Austin Black's , Austin Huns, Photo's from the game


    On 8:24 PM Curt Henry said...

    Way to step out and do something entirely new. Although I'm a little concerned (as your brother) about you mentioning these short shorts so often. Watch where you're pointin' that camera, Curlsz.
    Just kiddin. It all sounds pretty exciting. I met some French rugby players over here a few months ago and they were so excited to teach us about their game that they started doing some game positions right there in the middle of the italian restaurant we were in. It was kinda crazy. I think Rugby guys must all be pretty cool (in crazy way).

    On 8:30 PM malita said...

    yeah i had to delete some pics - a little over exposure.

    On 9:35 AM Curt Henry said...

    Way to filter!!