Lovin Love Monkey

This is a public shout out for my new favorite show - Love Monkey - CBS Tuesday's at 9pm (central)

If you love music, bands, humor, music, witty humor and oh did I mention music? Then you will LOVE not like but LOVE this show! And for you Bev Hills 90210 fans there is a special treat in store for you - watch to see who... It's rare for me to support a show this strongly - I'll watch a show, but a public shout out?

So the Tuesday night party is set - Steph's house (my home away from home), me John and Steph (my family away from family) Support this show - my other show is dead - Arrested Development - I am still in mourning over this loss - sorry I can't speak further about this, I'm getting vahklemped! Burn Fox, burn!


    On 9:11 PM rob said...

    at least the Bluths finished strong. They will be missed.