Praise the Lord on High - I PASSED my real estate exam!!!!!!!

I have been waiting a month to post this blog!! This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE stress and black cloud off of me right now - I will admit the last month has been torture - preparing, studying, going through the motions etc. of this exam - and let me tell you this exam is a pain!!!! But it will be so worth it - it's like labor pains at this point (I'm guessing) the pain will soon be forgotten!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers and love during this time!
Now - let's go buy some houses!!!!


    On 3:24 PM kimmie said...

    Sign me up! You can be my realtor anyday!!

    That is, of course, as soon as I have money for a house :)

    On 6:21 PM Nicole M said...

    Congratulations, Malita!!

    On 12:09 AM Anonymous said...

    yea!! so glad to hear that, malita.

    --your friend, terra