Being an aunt vs. being a mother.

(Jayce and Cami)

Being a mother is a blessing - it's a calling - it's a beautiful thing. But I have decided being an aunt is far far far more fun!!!! Sorry mom's, but for ME it's true.... First the Leander crew - for the last 11 years I've been an aunt to Shayne and Julie's kids - this has taught me much about parenting - enough to know I LOVE being an aunt and LOVE not being their mother right now.

(Averie --->)
Now don't get me wrong - if the Lord calls me to be a mother one day - I'm there - and my heart will be 100% or at least 95% prepared! But right now it's the best of both worlds - I show up, everyone is excited to see me - we play, cuddle, run around the house, watch movies, they go to bed and I go home! And there is more fun to be had - ANOTHER day.

Now being an aunt to a canine is an even better scenario: I don't have to take them to the vet, no buying food..I just get to play and they hardly know the difference!

(<--- Sadie - Lindsay's baby)

(Audrey - Steph's baby. Audrey lived at mi casa for a couple of month's --->)


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