Rugby anyone?

Have you ever been to an actual Rugby game? Well I have not, but by this time tomorrow I will be able to share with you my experiences as a Rugby spectator.

As you will recall Candice came into to visit me last weekend. Well as I type this I am awaiting her arrival with her boyfriend and his Rugby team. Yes an entire team of Rugby men - on their way! And in her words "the rugby boys are very excited to have some female spectators at the game tomorrow". I will admit I know nothing about Rugby, and Candice isn't much help. She says they have all these rules and rituals that are completely foreign to her. Of course it doesn't help that this sports psych major spends most of the game with her hands over her face, shielding her mind from the brutality of it all.

Well the rugby boys will need entertainment tonight - good thing I live in one of the most entertaining cities in the world.

So stay tuned, I'm sure stories and pictures will be in abundance soon! Till then check out this gallery - see what all the fuss is about: