Spring Cleaning Already??!

So if you will notice on my roommate's blog (Kimmie) our house has been taken over by the spring cleaning fairies. They have been in our house for the last week or so and we are working them like a mules!

First it started with Lindsay moving out - every day I would come home to the groans of "why do I have so much crap, where did it come from, my room is filthy, this is disgusting". Then it was followed by Kim trying to find her prescription card - many hours later and many trash bags later the card still hasn't been found - but let's just say she did find a gold mind! Literally!!

So now it's my turn - head spring cleaning fairy had a stern talking with me yesterday and went to town on my room. At least 4 hours later my room was spotless and organized, well mostly!! What pray tell did "we" find?
  • One old computer
  • Two boxes of crap that have been moved from residence to residence.
  • Receipts from 2003 and 2004 - including a receipt that wasn't even mine - sorry Davin if you needed that - it's trash now.
  • Bills, bills, bills - all very old.
  • CD's I had no idea I even owned
  • A copy of Microsoft Money 2000 - yeah like I was ever that organized to use that!
  • Socks socks and more socks - most of them of course not a complete pair.
  • Magazines galore - yes galore!
  • DUST and hair!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry you can gag now.
  • An earring I've been looking for for over a year - I knew I'd find it one day!

And just my luck this morning was trash day - so our neighbors trash cans were all lined out - just begging me to use them since ours was over flowing. So the night ends with me running from trash can to trash can in the cold - sneaking around so I won't get caught dumping my trash in their cans!

And alas, I still have one bin of laundry to put up and crap under my bed to face! How does this happen???!!!!

Well my mother would be proud! I remember her making me clean my room when it got to be so bad she couldn't even walk in without hurting herself (one day I'll tell you about the toothpick in the carpet incident - sorry again mom) - hours later she would come in and find me reading a book I forgot I had - well that kind of still happens.


    On 11:48 AM kimmie said...

    I'll check out the prettiness when I get home. I'm about 1/2 done with my room. I still need to tackle the closet(s) and the dresser. Ugh. It never ends! Glad you are almost done!!

    On 12:53 PM mish said...

    lita, i miss you. glad your room is clean now. the toothpick incident sounds tragic. i hope your mommy is ok now.