April in Paris - Springtime in NY - March in Austin!

March in Austin is absolutely fabulous - first off the weather is amazing so not only do the trees and flowers bloom, the city magically comes alive! It's like everyone that has been in hiding because of winter decides to come out and throw some kickin events.

Though we didn't have a winter really this year, at night it would get so flippin cold that it just wasn't fun to go out all that much - though some of us did take one for the team in that department.

But now it's March and the windows are open all day, the sun roof is open all day - and the patios are active all day. First we have the coveted and honored SXSW (South by Southwest) where unique and up and coming bands and filmmakers come out March 11-19 to strut their stuff hoping to go home with a record/movie contract and a plethora of new fans (and industry recognition of course).

Then we have St. Patty's day! Now I'll admit I never really got into this holiday event till I moved here. But St. Patty's downtown Austin is quite an event. From Mother Eagans all day concerts to Fado's that gets so packed that it overflows into the street, this town knows how to celebrate good ol Saint Patrick.

So break out the quilt for outdoor concerts, kite festivals, sporting events at the park and picnics because Spring is here!


    On 3:10 AM Curt Henry said...

    Man, I can't wait to get back to TEXAS!!!!!! Promise me you'll set up a personal March 2007 Whirlwind Austin party for me with the coolest people you know in town.

    We won't experience spring until maybe the middle of may here. SUCKS!!!!!! However, I may be able to help these people understand how to really do St. Patty's Day right ;-)