See you in Heaven Mr. Gray!

Wow what a great Saturday - took my best friend house hunting and wrote up an offer for her (my first official deal by the way!) - then sat under the stars and moon to listen to THE ONE AND ONLY David Gray sing just for me! I was nice enough to allow about 500 other people to join my serenade though - yes I'm a sweety!

Now for those of that don't know this trivia about Miss Jones -

  1. once she falls in love with a musician full throttle obsession kicks in gear
  2. when she gets to go to their concerts it is a religious experience in her heart
  3. and finally she LOVES and has loved for many years Mr. David Gray

I love him, I really love him, I love him for the man he is and the man he could be Laurel I really love him - oh wait sorry that line is for a different occasion... moving on.

He opened with Alibi off his new album - amazing!! Then moved into Sail Away - ok one more song and I can die happy (another piece of trivia - Sail Away brings up fond fond memories of the Virgin Island for me) - eventually got to This Years Love - ok that's it I can now die happy - oh but their was more - the ultimate Mr. Gray songs were still to be sung - finally here we are Shine and Babylon - or as one friend likes to call it - Babble On... well David's Welsh makes for an interesting song at times. The final song was the most random moment though - The Cure's "I'm in Love" but whatever - sing patty cake at this point I don't mind!

And as always this romantic moment was spent with the one person in my life that I tend to end up with in all romantic situations ---- Lindsay ---- yeah don't get the wrong idea here, it just tends to happen. Romantic St. Thomas, Cozumel, candle lit dinners and David Gray under the moon - always with one of my chicka dees!


    On 3:04 AM Curt Henry said...

    Who can even say anything about that. For fear that any comment about Gray or your clearly unhealthy obsession with him will be misunderstood as hostile. Just kidding. Sounds like a night that most of would like to experience with our favorite artist. Way to milk every little drop from that evening. I love your expression. By the way, that Austin sunset pic is amazing on that other post.