Wooo hoo- did I hit a nerve??!!

This is amazing, sad and hilarious all at once!

Who knew so many different nerves could be hit by writing a blog expressing one persons views on a bridal or baby shower!!! No I didn't write about my political views on terrorism, world hunger, and prayer in school. Nor did I write my faith filled opinions on the divinity of Christ or the inherency of the Bible... I wrote on a SHOWER and got more passionate opinions and obviously hurt feelings than any of the above hot buttons would publicly generate by the average citizen!! Maybe - ha!! Dang I’m proud! ----> particularly my "anonymous" reader - wow you know you are creating waves when the anonymous ones come out of the shadows long enough to voice their opinion - remaining veiled of course.

I have had numerous people even come up and tell me that they read this blog to their - mother who plans showers, sister who is getting married, co worker that has a sister getting married - and the list goes on! Some have even said they forwarded this on to several girlfriends that will or have embarked upon the shower ritual... Who knew - this is a major global issue!!

And that is the twisted beauty of the American Society - particularly the Bible Belt - we have passionate feelings about our showers, rather our rituals and traditions, and are willing to go to the death for our views on them. Especially the bridal rituals – whew, this alone could start some wars – Bridezilla’s and their mother’s versus the rest of the world!

Wow if only we could use our powers for good rather than frivolousness - and I include myself in that... Ok let us now move on to bigger and grander adventures together - and leave the passionate pleadings of shower food and games behind us. No worries ladies, no one has passed an edict against such festivities - carry on!

And the world breathes a collective sigh, it’s o.k. Mr. President, I handled this crisis... we can now rest easy and go on with those minor world issues at hand - the shower d├ętente is under control... the rebels have subsided.

In the spirit of this blog and shower season - have a laugh on me. This message was brought to you by:

Going Bridal, Confessions of a Bridezilla - especially the bad bridal dress section!

My fave for many years - Ugly Dresses. com

And of course the most genius use of a bridesmaid's dress!


    On 1:29 AM Curt Henry said...

    Wow, I'm gonna forward your post to some brides to be that I know. I don't want them mistakenly piss any would-be showers attenders off. Way to just SAY stuff.

    On 8:46 PM amanda said...

    You go!!! Notice I didn't post my opinion about the showers (though I do have one) and you voiced my reason succinctly! There are MANY things I am WAY more passionate about. I've learned to reduce my word limit per day. Maybe I'm turning into a guy!?!?!

    On 11:36 PM mish said...

    hey lita, i miss you! here's something to get passionate about, http://www.invisiblechildren.com -- you probably already know about it! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I loved the original post! I totally resonate with your sentiments. I have to admit that I am eagerly awaiting your next blog entry!