What what WHAT Wednesday!

What number 1:
I'm waiting outside Trudy's Central for a table and in the middle of a deep conversation my friend Stephanie gets this look of horror on her face and says what in the world! Well this is Austin, she could be seeing anything at this point - cross dresser, no dresser etc. I was not prepared for what my eyes beheld - a guy in PLAID shorts with a HORIZONTAL striped shirt!!! Now you may be saying - what that’s it - no people - It was bad!!! It was the worst fashion no no I have seen in a long time. I mean chains and leather - he's just weird - but plaid and stripes - well he's just obviously ignorant!!!

What number 2:
We then sit at our table and I notice on the menu under the desserts Trudy's sells cigarettes!!!! So i ask our waiter - do you sell them singularly or in packs - he says oh definitely in packs! What restaurant sells cigarettes and displays them under the dessert menu? Yes I'd like the brownie sundae and oh wow I'm so glad you sell cigarettes here, stick a couple in my ice cream - I may die of cancer but that damn dessert isn't going to make my ass big today!

What number 3 - the biggest what of all!
I have not actually seen it yet - but I head my beloved Chris got voted off. I have no use for American Idol anymore - they are dead to me!